Dear Choir Families...

As we enter this next chapter in an unprecedented time, the Foothill High School Fine and Performing Arts teachers are excited to use our combined skills, backgrounds, and wisdom to provide our students with the finest educational experience available. We look forward to working with our students this fall in a new and improved virtual environment. Then, as soon as our officials deem it safe, return to our classrooms, theaters, concert halls, and playing fields."


Each of the educators in our Fine and Performing Arts Department are using their combined experiences and examples from successful programs around the country to provide meaningful lessons and performance opportunities that fall in line with district rules and expectations.


We are keenly aware that there are other options available to our community through online educational institutions, home schooling, and the community college system. Although these programs do offer functional online academic support, they do not include the invaluable arts opportunities that so many of our students have enjoyed up until the pandemic. Foothill students need to be a part of the programs they have put their hearts and souls into! Our programs are the outward product of inward passion and we will continue to provide these valuable outlets daily as pushing through this challenge and moving forward to our next steps. Some parents have indicated that they may withdraw their students from Foothill until we are able to return to campus. While we understand the frustration with the online model, this could be devastating to our programs. Staffing allocations are finalized in the fall based upon student enrollment. No staffing adjustments are made after that date. If our enrollment drops this fall from the projections we were provided in the spring, this will result in a surplus of staff. These teachers will be placed in other schools, depending on availability. If families choose to return once we reopen, we will not have the staff to support higher enrollment, resulting in extremely large classroom sizes and/or deletion of programs due to the absence of specialty teachers.


We have received several emails inquiring about college credit courses offered at Foothill. These classes count towards Foothill graduation as well as actual college credits from Nevada State College and College of Southern Nevada, for a fraction of the price! Here is a list of Dual Credit Classes offered at Foothill that we strongly recommend that you consider in addition to your favorite arts electives:


ENG 101: Composition 1 (Fall: 3 credits)

ENG 102: Composition 2 (Spring: 3 credits)

MATH 126: Pre-Calculus 1 (Fall: 3 credits)

MATH 127: Pre-Calculus 2 (Spring: 3 credits)

MUS 121: Music Appreciation (Fall: 3 credits)

MUS 125: History of Rock and Roll (Spring: 3 credits)

EDU 250: Foundations of Education (Fall: 3 credits)

EDU 214: Technology in Education (Spring: 3 credits)


We thank you for your continued support of all the wonderful programs at Foothill and cannot wait to see everyone on campus when this virus is defeated!  Until then, we ask for the fortitude for which Foothill is known. 

Together, we can continue to work through this truly difficult challenge.  Together, we can create and achieve while so many are hurting and struggling. Together, we can be a family when a family is truly needed!




The FHS Fine and Performing Arts Department


Foothill High School is located in Henderson, NV and is a part of the Clark County School District.  The choral music Department is a part of a vibrant and award-winning performing arts department that includes Band, Orchestra, Theatre, and Dance.

The choirs consistently recieve superior ratings at local and national festivals and were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2015.

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Foothill High School



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