About Legacy:

Legacy is Foothill High School's varsity show choir.  It is an auditioned ensemble that requires not only exemplory singing ability, but also a strong dance skills.  The class culminates in a two hour production show each May.  Similar to Chamber, Legacy performs in school concerts, regional festivals and national competitions and invitationals.

The group is often asked to perform at various venues around the Las Vegas community and is available for hire.  Email for more information.


Upcoming Events:

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Welcoming our new all girls group:



     Changes coming to our choir department are underway, and what a productive and positive environment it has already become! One of the newest additions to our choir family has been this awesome group of girls! Alongside Legacy, this group will be participating in a handful of events throughout the year including our end of the year Show Choir Show! We could not be more excited for what's in store for these girls!